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le encontraré otra vez a través del mar

pasaremos nuestros días en amor

29 September 1992
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This Is Bunny

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
(")_(") webpage to help him gain world domination.



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Geek Code


Verson: 3.1

GG/M d-- s-:+ a14 C+++ U-- P L- E-- W+++

N o? K w+ O? M+ !V PS++>$ PE-- Y PGP- t+ 5?

X R* tv b+ DI+(++) D+ G++ e- h!(-)>h r--- !x*


The Geek Code


Some brushes & textures & bases I use are made by:
parsleh setsuntamew _coquettish ____xruinme withaghost eiluned endlessdeep honerbright crazy_perfume saturness quebelly queenpasiphae orchidicons artistbynight tragic_icons dj43 alaskanicons dearest

The HTML for these tables was stolen from heron_advocate

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